Hebe Wallet Offline signature! Just 3 minutes
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Hebe Wallet, currently supports more than 100 main chains, the following are the main chains we support: Hebe,Btc,Ltc, Eth,Etc,Bch,Waves,Doge,Xzc,Nxt,Ardor,Xas ,Dgb,Dcr,Dash,Zec,Zen,Ltz,Ignis,Apl,Rya,Actn,Wicc,Zcl,Rvn,Axe, Bits,Mpg,Bsv,Xel,Vsys,Qtum,Btg,Btx,Xem,Ftc,Zel,Burst,Newbi,Boom,Usdt, Bat,Flo,Lsk,Blnc,Cryt,Trx,Xrp,Kmd,Mona,Xlm,Grs,Xsg,Aie,Zer,Acm,Trtl,Xrd, Neet,Via,Rdd,Glt,Gbx,Coal,Poa,Vtc,Koto,Hush,Aiq,Eac,Xcn,Pgn,Nrg,Gc,Ilc,Yec,Xvg,Kva,Algo,Neo,Gas,Icx,Vet,Bnb, Nuls, Ae,Vtho,Mw,Fil,Atom,Iris,Kava,Band,Iov,Sc,Sat,Sys,Pmeer,Ht,Bnb-Bsc,Etho,Ghost,Fsn,Wcn,Gps,Okt,Hoo

Today, we will introduce in detail how to build your own free cold wallet, which supports more than 100 main chains, supports offline signature transactions, and supports exporting private keys to the corresponding chain core for recovery. It only takes 3 minutes to be safe and efficient.

Ready to work:

First find an old phone and download the wallet Hebe Wallet:

  1. Open the website on your mobile phone: https://hebe.cc, and download the wallet version of the system corresponding to your mobile phone.

  2. After the download is complete, disconnect from the network and create a wallet.

(Let the mobile phone become a stand-alone offline state, from now on this old mobile phone will no longer be connected to the Internet, it is a cold wallet/hardware wallet)

  1. Open the app, create a wallet/import a wallet